Small and Medium Business Services 

Quality Computer Consulting Inc.

Available Services


1.       Remote Monitoring    From our network operations center located in our Redwood City building we can monitor client’s systems nationwide.       We are alerted of any system critical issues long before they become disruptive or damaging.                                                          

2.       Remote Management   Our system engineers can take control of servers, workstations and network devices and perform remote fixes that allows remote remediation in many cases.   

3.       Reporting  Our automated systems will generate reports on items that threaten the performance, security, or integrity of your network environment.  These reports are provided to administrators to help plan for projects and maintenance programs.

4.       Asset Reporting  Our automated tools daily scan your network to produce a list of your hardware and software, keeping track of what you have and notifying us if something changes - a valuable tool for current assessment, software compliance and future planning.

5.       Service Desk   Our service desk responds to alerts, client issues and covered components of their Quality Computer contract.                       

6.       Help Desk  Our Help Desk technicians respond to client inquiries and issues related to day-to-day operations. Such as email problems, printing problems and so on.

7.      On-Site Visits  Our network technicians and or PC technicians will be on-site on a regular basis (Weekly or Monthly depending witch level of service plan you have chosen) 

8.       Patch Management    Most major software providers and hardware manufactures release updates regularly as patches. Our systems check servers, workstations and network devices for the latest patches that provide details to automatically deploy the updates.  This allows clients to run the most current and secure versions.

9.       Preventative Maintenance     Preventive maintenance is the best method for decreasing downtime and keeping security tight. This is provided on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the solution you purchase.

10.   Administrative Visits  Our consultants will deliver and review with you an update on the health of your network, including a history of incidents, results, up-time and proactive maintenance to give a detailed account of all activities. (Monthly or Quarterly depending which level of service plan you have chosen) 

11.   Spy / Virus Protection   We install and maintain anti-spy and virus software on all covered PC’s, and Servers ensuring immediate detection and prevention from the ever-growing threat of intrusion and infection.

12.   Anti-Spam  We filter all incoming email messages, eliminating most spam mail before it arrives keeping your mailbox clean and clear of infected and malicious emails.  All mail is also scanned with 4 separate virus detection engines before it is sent to your server.               

13.   Off-Site Storage  We back up your critical data remotely and automatically, removing the element, or the potential for error, lost data, or security breaches protecting and restoring vital information. Our national data centers are SAS-70 and HIPPA compliant.                                                            

14.   Hosted Exchange  We provide shared contacts, calendars, and instant access to your email from any computer through Microsoft’s Exchange Hosted Solution to remove the hassle and cost of managing your own server.                                                                     

15.   Web and Email Hosting  We provide design, development and hosting of your company web site and provide e-mail hosting for your domain and web mail for all users. 

16.   Product Purchases   We consult with you on configuring and ordering servers, PC’s, software, routers, switches, printers, peripherals.  We are partners with many manufacturers and resellers including Dell, Ingram Micro, Tech Data, Microsoft, HP, Netscreen, 3Com, SonicWall and others.

17.   Hardware-as-a-Service   An option for all of our offerings.  We can supply you with new servers, workstations and network hardware at regular intervals.  You always work with the most current technology and keep IT cost at an constant even level.

18.   Projects  We manage a variety of projects from single component implementation to complete business design and deployment.  Many companies that have an in house IT staff call on us for special projects including hardware and software setup,  LAN, WAN and VPN design and rollout management.

19.   Relocations  Our technicians and contractors will consult with you for the most efficient relocation of your computer and phone systems as well as voice and data networks to ensure a minimum of interruption.               

20.   Cabling  Our professional certified cable installers will customize a quote to meet your needs.               

21.   Phone Systems  Our phone contractors can provide all types of service for business lines, PRI, or VoIP. We can also provide phone systems and peripherals.                                                                    

22.   Server Hosting  For some of our clients that have virtual offices or just on the move we provide server hosting.  This reduces the overhead of rented office space and the associated costs.

23.   Network Design  Our engineers can design your network to meet all your business needs current and future, including cabling, connectivity, security and infrastructure.