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 Just wanted to say many thanks to Paul, who helped me to resolve a problem accessing the Internet from my home computer last week. I called Quality to request a home visit, but Paul took a couple of minutes to have me try a few quick things, and his suggestion to disable the firewall software turned the trick (McAfee had evidently automatically downloaded an “update” to us that ended up marking Internet Explorer as “Blocked”).Go figure. It would have been easy for him just to set up the house call, but I really appreciate the fact that his response was to try to actually HELP me right then and there. We are already customers of Quality Computer, but if I weren’t already a customer, I certainly would be one now, given the service Paul provided. We have referred friends and clients to QC before, and Paul’s help and attitude just reinforces that.

Thanks again – you obviously are doing things right at Quality Computer.


Jeff Schroeder, NCTMB


The purpose of this letter is to commend you for hiring such integral staff members. I experienced a horrible nightmare in having my hard drive crash, potentially losing all of my data, client information and jeopardizing my business. I immediately contacted Quality Computers upone arriving I met and began dealing with your employee, Paul MonagasI have never been so compelled to take time out of my extremely busy schedule to write a letter to a business regarding such excellent customer service. In our day and age this is rare and it has been refreshing to deal with such quality people as Paul at Quality Computers. You have my business and will be referring clients and friends.


Miguel Granados

MGC Construction & SFPD


Spectacular quality service

By: Megan E. (11/29/05)

These guys are great. I felt very comfortable dealing with this

computer repair shop. They are very ethical and knowledgeable and

take the time to explain the potential upsides/downsides to what

needs to be fixed. The first time I dealt with them, the disk drive in my

laptop (yeah, a long time ago!) wasn't working properly. They gave

me several options in terms of how to fix it and explained the

pros/cons for all of them thoroughly and gave me time to think about

it. I went in thinking I had to get the whole thing replaced which would

have cost the most money. We've used them twice since and they

have always had the greatest service and provides it quickly as


PROS: Fast, knowledgeable, ethical!

CONS: None known.......

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Quality Computer

Businesses both large and small live by the phrase “time is money” and can’t afford to be faced with computer “downtime” due to software or hardware problems. The professionals at Quality Computer, located in Redwood City at 2744 Broadway, phone (650) 364‑4650, are computer specialists who offer the support and service needed to keep your system up and running.

In today’s highly competitive and technical world, computers have become a vital part of our success. Protect your valuable investment by having your computer system checked by this reputable firm. Along with preventive maintenance, Quality Computer offers a complete line of computer support services. These professional consultants will determine and correct the problem for your business in the shortest time possible.

 Quality Computer can turn “downtime” into productivity. Personalized, professional systems analysis is only one of the many reasons they are so well‑known among successful businesses in this area. Visit their Web site at


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